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What the pneumatic parcel post can carry!? The year 1904, "The cylinders are of different sizes according to the contents. Here we see a bird cage, a dog, a guinea pig, and other articles that have been carried. People are already familiar with the same principle on a small scale at the telegraph offices." 09-01-2019   12-01-2019
Underground works in the Euston-Road ... There is, first, immediately under the surface of the road, a double set of mains and pipes for supplying the district with water and gas. Beneath these passes, transversely iron tube belonging to the Pneumatic Dispatch Company, through which parcels are constantly being conveyed backwards and forwards, and occasionally the mailbags also, between the General Post Office and this district... 26-12-2018   26-12-2018 Payment by air, the cashier who controls the pneumatic system in his office A pneumatic "change" railway has been invented by an English engineer, and has been established in Germany. The photograph shows the system of tubes through which the cashier receives the money and the account and dispatches the change. 25-12-2018   26-12-2018 The General Post Office’s own Tube Railway for conveying mail matter The General Post Office is about to start its own tube railway to facilitate the handling of mail matter in London; this in addition to the numerous miles of pneumatic tubes already in use. 24-12-2018   24-12-2018 The essential features of a Pneumatic Tube Line are four... A suitable conduit, or tube; a carrier for passing through the tube; a transmitter, or device for dispatching the carrier; and a receiver, or apparatus for arresting the carrier and delivering it from the line. 23-12-2018   24-12-2018 Pneumatic Parcel Post, An Attempt To Supersede The Carrier The present scheme to undermine London with pneumatic tubes for the conveyance of parcels and letters is a revival. A Pneumatic Despatch Company Act was passed in 1859, and between 1960 and 1865 tubes were laid down in Threadneedle Street, and from Euston Station to Camden Town and Holborn. 23-12-2018   09-01-2019 The Pneumatic Despatch, by S. J. Mackie UNDERGROUND London in the course of a few years will be quite as wonderful as London above ground. 20-12-2018   25-12-2018 Pneumatic Tube, Instrument Gallery "The pneumatic despatch tubes used for sending written telegram forms between the Central Office and some of the telegraph offices in the City at West Strand." 11-12-2018   24-12-2018 Opening of the pneumatic despatch tube at the Holborn end "The system of conveyance by atmospheric propulsion through tube, which was lately exhibited in the grounds of the Crystal Palace, and had previously been tried on the short experimental line at Battersea, as well as in the neighbourhood of the Euston-square station, in Seymour-street and Eversholtstreet, Camden Town, has now obtained an important practical extension by the opening of the line from Euston-square to Holborn - a distance of one mile and three quarters - whence it will be continued another mile eastward to the General Post Office." 11-12-2018   23-12-2018 First Dispatch of Mail-Bags through the Pneumatic Tube "First dispatch of mail-bags through the Pneumatic Tube from the district office in Eversholt-street to Euston station." 09-12-2018   23-12-2018 The Pneumatic Despatch "A company has been formed, under the title of the Pneumatic Despatch Company, for establishing in the metropolis lines of pneumatic tube for the speedy conveyance of letters and parcels..." 09-12-2018   24-12-2018 Pneumatic-Tube Room General Post Office London Descriptive sketch of the transit of telegraphic messages by pneumatic tube system from district offices to the Central Station and more. 18-07-2018   22-08-2018 The pneumatic tube's strange 150-year journey "Tubes have carried cats, mail, and people for a really long time. Vox's Phil Edwards leads the tour..." 08-04-2016   01-08-2018 Pneumatic Tube Mail London Great Britain Interesting sidelights on the work of the G.P.O. Pneumatic tubes at the London Central Telegraph Office. 14-05-2013   05-01-2019 The Mix & Genest company Mix & Genest was founded on 1 October 1879 by the businessman Wilhelm Mix and the engineer Werner Genest in Berlin-Schöneberg. 13-05-2013   22-08-2018