Underground works in the Euston-Road

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Article found in The Illustrated London News magazine of 28 May 1864.

Our engraving represents a section of the underground works at the junction of Tottenham-court-road and Hampstead-road with Euston-road. The view is taken from beneath the north-west corner of Tottenhamcourt-road looking towards the east along the line of Euston-road. It will serve to show what extensive subterranean works are being constructed in different parts of London, yet which make no show on the surface, and the very existence of which is probably unknown to very large portion of the inhabitants residing in the neighbourhood or daily walking over the site. have chosen this particular locality because it point where the lines of a number of different works intersect each other. There is, first, immediately under the surface of the road, a double set of mains and pipes for supplying the district with water and gas. Beneath these passes, transversely iron tube belonging to the Pneumatic Dispatch Company, through which parcels are constantly being conveyed backwards and forwards, and occasionally the mailbags also, between the General Post Office and this district. Under this tube, is the tunnel of the Metropolitan (or, as it is more generally called, the Underground) Railway, through which trains are constantly passing and repassing. The Pneumatic Dispatch Company’s tube cuts through the crown of this tunnel. On each side of it run large sewers which form part of the London Main-Drainage works. Beneath all these structures we have shown a longitudinal section of the proposed Hampstead, Midland, North-Western, and Charing-cross Railway - a line which not yet made, but which has been recommended by a Committee of the House of Commons, and is likely, sooner or later, to constructed, passing the junction of Euston-road and Tottenham-courtroad in the manner here displayed.

The author of this article and the artist of the drawing are unknown. Since it is published far more than 70 years ago, both are believed to be in the Public Domain.

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Underground works in the Euston-Road

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Underground works in the Euston-Road

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