The Jetsons - Pneumatic Tube In this episode from 1963 George Jetson uses a pneumatic tube to transport himself with great speed to the boss his office. 25-07-2018   26-07-2018
The pneumatic tube's strange 150-year journey "Tubes have carried cats, mail, and people for a really long time. Vox's Phil Edwards leads the tour..." 08-04-2016   01-08-2018 A new life for the pneumatic tube system The Italian company Pipe§net want to revitalize the pneumatic tube system which was used for the transportation of money and change in department stores. They want to use a magnetic field to let capsules with a diameter of sixty centimeters float and move in a tube system. Franco Cotana, a physics engineer of the University of Perugia, patented the system in 2003. 15-01-2011   16-07-2018 Het Inteli-Tube Pneumatisch Transport Systeem In de 19-eeuw werd de roltrap en een raketschip naar de maan enkel gezien als dwaze wetenschapsfictie, echter het vervoer van mensen via buispost werd niet alleen gezien als echte mogelijkheid, maar als onvermijdelijkheid. Eerst was de technologie om de noodzakelijke druk te produceren niet beschikbaar, maar uiteindelijk had de technische wetenschap deze dromen ingehaald. 12-07-2010   16-07-2018 The Inteli-Tube Pneumatic Transportation System Pneumatic tubes used for transporting physical objects have a long history. The basic principles of pneumatics were stated by the Greek Hero of Alexandria before 100 BC. However, it wasn't until the industrial age that real work was being done on applying pneumatics to transportation. The first pneumatic tube systems were originally proposed in the early Nineteenth century by George Medhurst, a London businessman. 12-07-2010   16-07-2018