Pneumatic Tube Mail London Great Britain

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Interesting sidelights on the work of the G.P.O.

Pneumatic tubes, Central Telegraph Office

Large numbers of telegrams leave and arrive at the Central Telegraph Office in London (and also in other large towns) through pneumatic tubes. These tubes are laid under the streets and vary in length from a few hundred yatds to 2,5 miles. They connect the Central Telegraph Office with the more import Branch Post Office in the City and the West End, Cable Companies and some of the Newspapers. The telegram forms are enclosed in felt covered gutta-percha carriers, and blown through the tubes by air under pressure or vacuum. Altogether there are about 80 miles of tube working to and from the Central Post Office.

Publication of the Lambert & Butler's Cigarettes company, Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co. (of Great Britain & Ireland), Ltd.
A series of 50 cards - By courtesy of the Postmaster General - Card number 22

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Pneumatic Tube Mail London Great Britain

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Pneumatic Tube Mail London Great Britain

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1 April 1877 (147 years ago)
Initial Commissioning Pneumatic Tube Mail Munich, Germany

19 April 1898 (126 years ago)
Underground pneumatic tube mail service connected the central Philadelphia post office with Pennsylvania and Reading terminals

4 April 1910 (114 years ago)
Commissioning Pneumatic Tube Mail Algiers, Algeria

28 April 1950 (73 years ago)
Pneumatic Tube Mail between New York and Brooklyn (mail carried in tubes across the Brooklyn Bridge) ends because of repairs on the bridge and was never restored

1 April 1953 (71 years ago)
Second Re-Commissioning Pneumatic Tube Mail Munich, Germany

30 April 1984 (39 years ago)
Pneumatic Tube Mail system Paris France out of business

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