The Mix & Genest company

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Mix & Genest was founded on 1 October 1879 by the businessman Wilhelm Mix and the engineer Werner Genest in Berlin-Schöneberg. The company was very successful and became one of the pioneers in low voltage devices. Among the products were devices for telephony and telegraphy. By 1904 the company had already 2300 employees and subsidiaries in London and Amsterdam. In 1920 AEG bought the majority of the stock shares.

Mix & Genest was acquired by the ITT Corporation in 1930. The name Mix & Genest was dropped in 1958.

Reference letter Mix & Genest - 20 October 1926

Reference list Mix & Genest - published June 1927
"Von der Mix & Genest A.-G. Abteilung Rohrpost und Förderanlagen Berlin-Schönenberg ausgeführte Stadtrohrpostanlagen"
"By Mix & Genest A.-G. Abteilung Rohrpost und Förderanlagen Berlin-Schönenberg completed Pneumatic Tube Mail facilities"

Share certificate
A share certificate of the Mix & Genest company from October 1934 worth 100 German Mark.

Book, 75 Jahre Mix & Genest 1879-1954 
Language: German
First Edition: 1954

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The Mix & Genest company

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The Mix & Genest company

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