Pneumatic Parcel Post, An Attempt To Supersede The Carrier

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Sketches by A. Hugh Fisher, found in The Illustrated London News magazine of 17 September 1904.

1. A Forerunner of the Proposed System: Pneumatic Tube Laid in London in the Fifties.

2. A Twelve Inch Carrier; Capacity, 1800 Ordinary Letters.

3. The Pneumatic Tube on the Brooklyn Bridge through which All Letters between Brooklyn and New York Pass.

4. Expansion Joint in Same to Allow for Heat-Expansion of the Ironwork.

5. "Batch," who makes Daily Journeys in a Carrier through the Demonstration Tubes at Fulham.

6. Intermediate Station Sender and Receiver.

7. Chronograph Apparatus for Locating Obstructions in the Pneumatic Tubes.

8. The present scheme to undermine London with pneumatic tubes for the conveyance of parcels and letters is a revival. A Pneumatic Despatch Company Act was passed in 1859, and between 1960 and 1865 tubes were laid down in Threadneedle Street, and from Euston Station to Camden Town and Holborn. The enterprise was abandoned in 1876. An article on the proposed new system will be found on "The World's News" page.


A. Hugh Fisher was born in 1867, and began producing engravings in the 1890's. His first prints were technical illustrations of museum holdings. He became an avid printmaker, producing hundreds of prints before his death on July 2, 1945.
Because Fisher has past away more than 70 years ago, the drawings are believed to be in the public domain.


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Pneumatic Parcel Post, An Attempt To Supersede The Carrier

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Pneumatic Parcel Post, An Attempt To Supersede The Carrier

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