Pneumatic Tube TV-Commercial

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HOW FAR ARE YOU GOING FOR A COLD BEER? Very far. This can be seen in the TV commercial for Heineken. We look into how a couple gives a housewarming barbecue and proudly show their new home.

Beautiful interior, very well taken care of, carefully designed, but left and right rudely interrupted by a huge steel pipe system right through the walls and ceiling of the house. With 'Buizenpost', like the commercials is called, builds Heineken on the earlier commercials Walk-in Fridge and Men with Talent. This new movie was also created by the advertising agency TBWA\Neboko.

In the commercial we follow an ingenious steel pipe system that crosses the new home of the couple. While the woman proudly shows her brand new kitchen, the man can not wait to demonstrate his - probably only - contribution to the interior. With one touch on the button an object zooms through the piping system up through the bathroom, through the nursery and the kitchen. Finally the tour ends in the garden next to the barbecue, where the tube opens and a cold can of Heineken appears. The can is received with loud cheers by his friends. The landscaped tubing provides the man of the house of an ice cold can of Heineken on all his favorite places in the house.

"In this commercial we show that men and women have very different passions, but enjoy it in the same way," tells Ralph Rijks, marketing manager Heineken. "The women are enthusiastic about the wonderful new kitchen, while the men go crazy when they see that with a simple push of a button they are provided with a cold beer through the entire house. The man of the house is however going very far here..."

Source: Heineken Breweries

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Pneumatic Tube TV-Commercial

  Last updated: 31-01-2019

Pneumatic Tube TV-Commercial

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