The C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne Company

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C. August Schmidt Söhne is a factory and installation company for technical equipment from Hamburg, Germany and was founded at 18 April 1841. Since 1866 they also built all over the world pneumatic tube systems.

[D] "Kupferschmiede, Apparatetechnik & Wärmetauscher - Förderbänder & Rohrpostanlagen"
[E] "Coppersmiths, apparatus technology & heat exchangers - Conveyor belts & pneumatic tube systems"

From 1950 the company was called CASS.

In 1963 CASS has been taken over by the Serck company.




Sources and more information


Book - 100 Jahre CASS - C. Aug. Schmidt Söhne, Hamburg

1841 - 1941

Language: German
First Edition: 1941
ISBN: not available

The book was published in 1941, since this is more than 70 years ago the text and photo's from the book are believed to be in the Public Domain.


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The C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne Company

  Last updated: 15-04-2021

The C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne Company

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