Sturtevant Pneumatic Tube Advertisements

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In this article I show you old Pneumatic Tube System supplier advertisements from the Sturtevant company.


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Sturtevant Pneumatic Tube Advertisements

  Last updated: 25-07-2018

Sturtevant Pneumatic Tube Advertisements

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30 November 1798 (221 years ago)
Pneumatic transportation was invented by William Murdoch

30 November 1835 (184 years ago)
The pneumatic tube carrier was invented

30 November 1852 (167 years ago)
Josiah Latimer Clark installed a 200m long pneumatic tube system in London

30 November 1853 (166 years ago)
Josiah Latimer Clark issued a patent for conveying letters and parcels by the airpressure and vacuum

7 November 1865 (155 years ago)
The Pneumatic Railway between Holborn-hill and Euston-square formally opened

18 November 1865 (155 years ago)
Commissioning Pneumatic Tube Mail Berlin Germany

11 November 1866 (154 years ago)
Commissioning Pneumatic Tube Mail Paris, France

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