Pneumatic Tube Mail Boston USA

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The Boston Postal Pneumatic Tube System was commissioned on August 6, 1926, a lot later than the other cities.

The dedication of the Boston Postal Pneumatic Tube System 
U.S. Senator, Hon. William M. Butler, pressing the button to dispatch the first container, which carried an American flag and letters addressed to The President, the Postmaster General and other prominent citizens.

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Pneumatic Tube Mail Boston USA

  Last updated: 05-01-2019

Pneumatic Tube Mail Boston USA

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19 April 1898 (121 years ago)
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4 April 1910 (109 years ago)
Commissioning Pneumatic Tube Mail Algiers, Algeria

28 April 1950 (68 years ago)
Pneumatic Tube Mail between New York and Brooklyn (mail carried in tubes across the Brooklyn Bridge) ends because of repairs on the bridge and was never restored

30 April 1984 (34 years ago)
Pneumatic Tube Mail system Paris France out of business