Do It Yourself Pneumatic Tube System

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D. Lawless Hardware at YouTube:
Our hardware department used a lot of paperwork throughout the day. Since our call center and office are on a different floor than our packing department the girls were having to climb up and down a big industrial staircase about 100 times a day. So Dave and Dane teamed up to make their own simple pneumatic tube system to save their legs.

The whole thing took us awhile to build. Most of the time spent in conception and how to make the tube and everything as cheaply as possible. Big success so far! As with any piece of equipment, how it's gonna be used isn't decided until it's been in use. As it turns out it's quite convenient for the ladies at the bottom to load the carrier tube and just let it sit until the girls upstairs need it, then they hit the power and suck it right up to themselves. This isn't how we initially imagined it's use, but it's working great that way!

Built to support the shipping department at
Published on YouTube at 28 April 2016.

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Do It Yourself Pneumatic Tube System

  Last updated: 30-09-2020

Do It Yourself Pneumatic Tube System

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