Book - TRANSPORT - Instructions for goods transport over small distances

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A Dutch book describing the operation of all kinds of transport installations, like elevators, conveyors, hoists and cranes, small trains and also 10 pages on the Pneumatic Tube System.

[NL] TRANSPORT - Handleiding voor goederentransport over kleine afstanden.
Een uitgave van Krachtwerktuigen en het Nederlands Instituut voor Efficiency bij N.V. Uitgevers-Mij. E. Kluwer Deventer.


[E] TRANSPORT - Instructions for goods transport over small distances.
Publication of the "Krachtwerktuigen" organization and the Dutch Institute for Efficiency at the publisher E. Kluwer from Deventer, the Netherlands.

Language: Dutch
Second Edition: 1947
Pages: 319

The book was published in 1947, the text and photo's in this book are believed to be in the Public Domain.


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Book - TRANSPORT - Instructions for goods transport over small distances

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