Airmatic Systems brochure

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Today, AIRMATIC tube systems are dispatching all sorts of important items - written communications, data cards, test samples, small parts, medicines, bulky securities - to and from all parts of office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, banks, libraries, even steel mills.

A brochure from the Airmatic Systems company (a division of the Mosler Safe Company).
441 Market Street, Sadle Brook N.J. 07662 USA


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Chuck Julian
Dear Sirs, City Aluminum Foundry is a foundry in Waterford Michigan that produces prototype and low to medium volume aluminum parts using sand cast technology. We have a new Palmer no-bake molding system capable of producing molds, 48 x 60 x 30 inches. We have BMM cope and drag equipment, squeezer molding machines and a Hunter 20 x 24 automatic molding machine running olivine sand. Please keep us in mind for any aluminum casting requirements you might have. We are ISO-9001 certified.

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Airmatic Systems brochure

  Last updated: 12-02-2019

Airmatic Systems brochure

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