Pneumatic Tube Articles about "Zürich"

Pneumatic Tube Mail Zürich Switzerland According to a reference list - published 1927 - from the German company Mix & Genest AG, Abteilung Rohrpost und Förderanlagen in Berlin-Schöneberg, the Swiss city of Zürich had access to a Pneumatic Tube Mail system with 3 stations and a tube length of 4,500 meters. 01-08-2018   07-01-2019
Book, Am schnellsten mit Standard Rohrpostanlagen Pneumatic Tube Systems in the industry. Explanation of the principle of the transport by means of air, how to define an Pneumatic Tube System, where you must pay attention to at the installation, what is the principle of control and even an example calculation, how you calculate the price of a complete installation. 28-02-2010   06-08-2018