Pneumatic Tube Articles about "Transfer Zone"

Pneumatic Tube Transfer Zone 27-07-2018   12-01-2019
A rotating transfer zone with microprocessor control unit A rotating transfer zone where pneumatic tube carriers can change directions. And the first (Thalmayr) microprocessor control unit with a build in monitor screen and a printer. 22-07-2018   23-07-2018 Airmatic Systems brochure "Today, AIRMATIC tube systems are dispatching all sorts of important items - written communications, data cards, test samples, small parts, medicines, bulky securities - to and from all parts of office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, banks, libraries, even steel mills..."You read and see more in this 8-page brochure. 25-12-2014   10-08-2018 The C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne Company C. Aug. Schmidt Söhne is a factory and installation company for technical equipment from Hamburg, Germany. Since 1866 they also built all over the world pneumatic tube systems. 09-01-2014   10-08-2018 Old SEL pneumatic tube installation Photo's of a 1966 SEL pneumatic tube system: station, carriers, transfer zone and switchboards.   05-01-2014   21-07-2018