Pneumatic Tube Articles about "Thalmayr"

Pneumatic Tube Carrier Inserts To properly pack the contents of a Pneumatic Tube Carrier there are different kind of inserts. 26-07-2018   05-01-2019
Pneumatic Tube Carriers Photos of different shapes, sizes and brands Pneumatic Tube Carriers. 26-07-2018   05-01-2019 A rotating transfer zone with microprocessor control unit A rotating transfer zone where pneumatic tube carriers can change directions. And the first (Thalmayr) microprocessor control unit with a build in monitor screen and a printer. 22-07-2018   23-07-2018 What is a Pneumatic Tube System A Pneumatic Tube System is a system (technical equipment) in which cylindrical containers (carriers) are propelled through a complex network of tubes by compressed air or by vacuum. They are used for transporting physical objects. 01-01-2009   05-01-2019