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Pneumatic Tube Transfer Zone 27-07-2018   12-01-2019
Pneumatic Tube Diverter At a diverter a pneumatic tube carrier can change directions. 27-07-2018   05-01-2019 Pneumatic Tube Station At a station you can send and receive pneumatic tube carriers. 27-07-2018   05-01-2019 Pneumatic Tube Blower The driving force of pneumatic tube system is a blower. Due to the air flow the carrier will start to move in the transport tube. When the blower sucks into the tube, there will be a reduced pressure in the pipe and the carrier will move towards the blower. By blowing the carrier will be moving away from the blower. 27-07-2018   05-01-2019 Pneumatic Tube Air Break An air brake is build with two ducts and two air valves. If one valve is open, the other is automaticly closed. The pressure of the blower will do this automaticly, there is no need for an external control. 27-07-2018   05-01-2019 The Transport Tube The pneumatic tube carriers move through especially for pneumatic tube fabricated (gray) plastic pipe. There are also transparent, aluminum and stainless steel tubes available. On first sight the plastic transport tube looks the same as sewage pipe. However, they are not interchangeable. The diameter of the transporttube is much more accurate than the sewage pipe, the carriers could seize on these constrictions in the tube. 27-07-2018   27-07-2018 Tube Switch, Pneumatic Tube System A tube switch is a mechanical or electronic switch that detects whether a carrier passes a pneumatic tube station or diverter. Using these signals, the central control system can control stations, dividers and blowers. 27-07-2018   05-01-2019 Pneumatic Tube Fire collar The tubes of a pneumatic tube system run by different areas of a building. In the basement, the crawl space, in shafts, in the walls and above ceilings. In order to come from one area to another, there must be a big hole in the wall or floor.In connection to sound and heat insulation it is recommended that the open space around the tube is filled with insulation. 27-07-2018   05-01-2019 Pneumatic Tube Carriers Photos of different shapes, sizes and brands Pneumatic Tube Carriers. 26-07-2018   05-01-2019