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Book - TRANSPORT - Instructions for goods transport over small distances Publication of the "Krachtwerktuigen" organization and the Dutch Institute for Efficiency at the publisher E. Kluwer from Deventer, the Netherlands. 19-08-2018   21-08-2018
Book - Rohrpostanlagen, ihre Technik, Anwendung und Wartung 'The last book about Pneumatic Tube Sytems was published in 1930. The author, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans Schwaighofer, Munich Germany, brought in the first book pneumatic tube technical innovations in the field of "pneumatischer Fernanlagen" (pneumatic long distance systems), with what Pneumatic Tube Mail Systems is meant. In the second book was with the title "Rohrpost-Innenanlagen" the technology and the use of the pneumatic tube system inside buildings described.' 01-08-2018   22-08-2018 Pneumatic Tube System - How it works The driving force of a pneumatic tube system is pneumatics. Pneumatics can be traced back to Hero of Alexandria in the 1st century AD. 20-04-2013   05-01-2019 Books, Die Hamburger Großrohrpost The Hamburger Pneumatic Tube Mail with large diameter tube. 09-03-2013   22-08-2018 Books, Post und Telegraphie in Wissenschaft und Praxis - Rohrpostanlagen "Rohrposttechnische Steuerungen auf dem Gebiete pneumatischer Fernanlagen" & "Rohrpost Innenanlagen (Neuere konstruktive Entwickelungen der hausrohrposten" 09-03-2013   06-08-2018 Book, Transactions of the A.S.M.E. Published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 09-03-2013   06-08-2018 Book, The Pneumatic Post of Paris Published by The France & Colonies Philatelic Society of Great Britain. 09-03-2013   22-08-2018 Book, Die entwicklung und der heutige stand der Stadtrohrposttechnik The history of the Pneumatic Tube System, a theoretical explanation of the air proportions on Pneumatic Tube Systems and descriptions of several system components. 28-02-2010   22-08-2018 Book, Am schnellsten mit Standard Rohrpostanlagen Pneumatic Tube Systems in the industry. Explanation of the principle of the transport by means of air, how to define an Pneumatic Tube System, where you must pay attention to at the installation, what is the principle of control and even an example calculation, how you calculate the price of a complete installation. 28-02-2010   06-08-2018 Books, Pneumatic Tube Mail Berlin Germany Postschnelldienst Berlin, Luft-Züge and Die Berliner Stadtrohrpost in der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945. 28-02-2010   22-08-2018 Book, Neuere Rohrpost- und Rohrpostmaschinen Anlagen "Sonderabdruck aus der Zeitschrift des Vereines deutscher Ingenieure.Jahrgang 1912, Seite 41." 09-03-2009   08-01-2019 Book, The Pneumatic Post in Vienna By Colin Tobitt and Andy Taylor 19-12-2007   06-08-2018