Pneumatic Tube Articles about "Dog"

What the pneumatic parcel post can carry!? The year 1904, "The cylinders are of different sizes according to the contents. Here we see a bird cage, a dog, a guinea pig, and other articles that have been carried. People are already familiar with the same principle on a small scale at the telegraph offices." 09-01-2019   12-01-2019
Pneumatic Parcel Post, An Attempt To Supersede The Carrier The present scheme to undermine London with pneumatic tubes for the conveyance of parcels and letters is a revival. A Pneumatic Despatch Company Act was passed in 1859, and between 1960 and 1865 tubes were laid down in Threadneedle Street, and from Euston Station to Camden Town and Holborn. 23-12-2018   09-01-2019